List of Peruvian Embassies and Consulates Worldwide

List of Peruvian Embassies/Consulates Abroad


  • Morocco-Rabat (Embassy) 
  • Algeria-Algiers (Embassy)
  •  South Africa-Pretoria (Embassy)
  • Ghana-Accra (Embassy)
  •  Egypt-Cairo (Embassy)


  • Bolivia-La Paz (Embassy), Cochabamba (Consulate-General), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Consulate-General), El Alto (Consulate)
  • Dominican Republic-Santo Domingo (Embassy)
  • Canada-Ottawa (Embassy), Montreal (Consulate-General), Toronto (Consulate-General), Vancouver (Consulate-General)
  • Venezuela-Caracas (Embassy), Puerto Ordaz (Consulate-General)
  •  Costa Rica-San Jose (Embassy)
  • Brazil-Brasilia (Embassy), Manaus (Consulate-General), Rio Branco (Consulate-General), Rio de Janeiro (Consulate-General), Sao Paulo (Consulate-General)
  •  Cuba-Havana (Embassy)
  •  El Salvador-San Salvador (Embassy)
  • Colombia-Bogota (Embassy), Leticia (Consulate-General)
  • Uruguay-Montevideo (Embassy)
  •  Chile-Santiago (Embassy), Arica (Consulate-General), Iquique (Consulate-General), Valparaiso (Consulate-General)
  •  Argentina-Buenos Aires (Embassy), Cordoba (Consulate-General), La Plata (Consulate-General), Mendoza (Consulate-General)
  •  Guatemala-Guatemala City (Embassy)
  •  Mexico-Mexico City (Embassy)
  • Ecuador-Quito (Embassy), Guayaquil (Consulate-General), Loja (Consulate-General), Machala (Consulate-General), Macara (Consulate)
  •  Nicaragua-Managua (Embassy)
  • Honduras-Tegucigalpa (Embassy)
  •  Panama-Panama City (Embassy)
  •  Trinidad and Tobago-Port of Spain (Embassy)
  •   Paraguay-Asuncion (Embassy)
  • United States-Washington, DC (Embassy), Atlanta (Consulate-General), Boston (Consulate-General), Chicago (Consulate-General), Dallas (Consulate-General), Denver (Consulate-General), Hartford (Consulate-General), Houston (Consulate-General), Los Angeles (Consulate-General), Miami (Consulate-General), New York (Consulate-General), Paterson (Consulate-General), San Francisco (Consulate-General)


  •  Indonesia-Jakarta (Embassy)
  •  Republic of Korea-Seoul (Embassy)
  •  People's Republic of China-Beijing (Embassy), Guangzhou (Consulate-General), Hong Kong (Consulate-General), Shanghai (Consulate-General)
  •  Kuwait-Kuwait (Embassy)
  •  Japan-Tokyo (Embassy), Nagoya (Consulate-General)
  • Taiwan-Taipei Trade Office)
  •  India-New Delhi (Embassy)
  •  Saudi Arabia-Riyadh (Embassy)
  •  Israel-Tel Aviv (Embassy)
  •  Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur (Embassy)
  •  Thailand-Bangkok (Embassy)
  •  Qatar-Doha (Embassy)
  •  Vietnam-Hanoi (Embassy)
  •  Turkey-Ankara (Embassy)
  •  United Arab Emirates-Dubai (Consulate-General)
  •  Singapore-Singapore (Embassy)


  •  Netherlands-The Hague (Embassy), Amsterdam (Consulate-General)
  •  Austria-Vienna (Embassy)
  •  Poland-Warsaw (Embassy)
  •  Finland-Helsinki (Embassy)
  •  Belgium-Brussels (Embassy)
  •  Germany-Berlin (Embassy), Frankfurt (Consulate-General), Hamburg (Consulate-General), Munich (Consulate-General)
  •  Spain-Madrid (Embassy), Barcelona (Consulate-General), Seville (Consulate-General), Valencia (Consulate-General)
  •  Holy See-Vatican City (Embassy)
  •  Italy-Rome (Embassy), Florence (Consulate-General), Genoa (Consulate-General), Milan (Consulate-General), Turin (Consulate-General)
  • Sweden-Stockholm (Embassy)
  •  Czech Republic-Prague (Embassy)
  •  Portugal-Lisbon (Embassy)
  • France-Paris (Embassy)
  •  Romania-Bucharest (Embassy)
  •  Russia-Moscow (Embassy)  
  • United Kingdom-London (Embassy)
  • Greece-Athens (Embassy)
  •  Switzerland-Bern (Embassy), Geneva (Consulate-General), Zurich (Consulate-General)


  •  Australia-Canberra (Embassy)
  • New Zealand - Wellington (Embassy)
To know the contact details of Peruvian embassies and consulates in foreign countries, visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru.
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