Admission Requirements for Higher Education

Admission in Peruvian higher education is competitive and selective. In Peru, there are many methods of admission at an undergraduate as well as graduate level, depending on the age and personal attributes of the candidate. Many universities in Peru require a separate set of entrance/competitive exams.  For detailed information on the admission requirements and application process for higher education in Peru, keep reading:

Admission Requirements

Admission to Non-University Level Studies

  • Students must hold an official certificate of completed secondary education  or its equivalent (Certificado de Educacion Secundaria Comun Completa)

Admission to University Level Studies

  • Students must hold an official certificate of completed secondary education (Certificado de Educacion Secundaria Comun Completa) for admission into the undergraduate programme.
  • Students must hold the bachelor’s degree for entry to the master’s degree programmes.
  • Students must have a master’s degree for entry into the doctorate programme. 

Entrance Examination

Students in order to enter the higher education institutions in Peru must undertake an entrance exam or a competitive exam (Examen de Ingreso or Concurso). These are set by individual universities in Peru.  Some universities conduct 2 tiers of exams- a general and a major-specific exam. These exams are conducted twice a year. 

Language requirements: Students must have a working knowledge of Spanish language.

Forms of Admissions

Students are enrolled on the basis of the following:  International Baccalaureate, school exam, entrance exam for graduates, first or second place in secondary education, upper third of the selected schools, diplomat or international office with diplomatic status official mission in Peru, and visa the centre of pre-university studies. 
These methods of admission are determined by each university. 

Admission Dates and Deadlines

University-level: The universities in Peru have 2 admission processes- one at the beginning of the year, i.e. runs from January to April; and the other in mid-year, July and August. There are some universities that have 3 admission processes. 

At the non-university level, the technological higher education institutions have 2 admission processes a year, in March and August.

Admission Application Procedure

Apply directly to the University of your Choice. You can apply online by visiting the website of the university, or download the application from the official website of the university. 

Many universities in Peru have three phases- pre-registration, pre-enrollment and fees payment. The phases of admission in a Peruvian university are as follows: 
  • Pre-registration phase: Students must pre-register manually in June.
  • Results: The results of pre-registration application are declared in July. This result is sent via email. If selected, move to the next phase.
  • Pre-enrollment phase: At this phase, pupils are required to fill in a pre-enrollment card, which is received by the students through email. The card must be completely filled and returned between July end and August.
  • Evaluation of pre-enrollment: The pre-enrollment application is evaluated and if selected, enrollment phase will take place.
  • Enrollment phase: Fill in the application form and submit it along with the required documents to the University of your Choice. Pay the required fees. 


  • Application form (Printed copy): Completely filled and signed
  • Original national identity document (DNI)
  • A certified copy of passport (for international students) and passport size photographs
  • Academic transcripts- Certificate of completion of Secondary education
  • Certified copy of certificate/professional diploma/ degree: Bachiller degree (for master’s studies), and master’s degree (for doctorate studies)
  • Spanish language proficiency certificate
  • Proof of financial stability
  • Medical insurance proof
  • Admission fee payment receipt
  • Conduct certificate (5 years of secondary education)
  • Recommendation letter: At least two
Admission requirements and registration process vary by university. Check with the respective university to know more about the admission requirements and application process.
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